The traditional smoke saunas at Kalle’s Inn have become symbolic of the tranquility and relaxation only found in the Finnish archipelago and, contrary to assumption, is not filled with smoke, but provides a warm, humid caress which envelops your body and mind. After taking a sauna one feels re-invigorated and refreshed, almost re-incarnated, a blissful feeling of being in no rush to go anywhere or do anything. At Kalle’s Inn we have two smoke saunas. The smaller one is recommended for up to 10 persons and the bigger one for up to 40 persons. If you feel like a smoke sauna is too extreme we suggest you try our very pleasant wood heated lighthouse sauna. This sauna is suitable for up to 16 persons. All our saunas are situated right by the waters edge, perfect for that cooling dip in the sea, whatever the season. All our saunas have an outdoor wood heated hot tub in case you feel like a dip in the sea is too cold. Sitting in these warm and soothing waters out in the untouched world heritage nature you may be witness to a stunning view of either the midnight sun or the aurora borealis, depending on the season. You simply cannot leave Kalle’s Inn without experiencing one of our traditional saunas, a place of total relaxation for both body and mind. You do not need to prepare yourself in any way. Kalle’s Inn will provide you with all you need to enjoy your sauna moments.