Right on the edge of the UNESCO world heritage area, in the land of the rising rocks, lays Kalle’s Inn.
The offcial adress is Klobbskatvagen 189 , 65970, Soderudden, Finland.

lat N 63° 18.389′
lon E 21° 5.199′


to Vasa by car: appr 48 km
to Vasa by boat: appr. 30 Nm or  48 km
to Holmögadd (Sweden) 19 Nm or 35 km
to Holmsund (Umea harbor in Sweden) 26 Nm or 56 km

Driving Instructions from Replot Bridge:

Drive towards Replot, after about 4 km turn left and head towards Vallgrund. After 7 km turn right towards Söderudden. After 16 km turn left towards Klobbskat fishing harbour. When reaching the harbour and the road ends turn sharp left and you will find the gates and a small road leading up to Kalle’s Inn.