Dining at Kalle’s Inn is quite different from most other venues. We are proud to present local
specialties, gourmet experiences that you will find nowhere else. It is our policy to prepare all
food ourselves from start to finish, we always avoid using mass produced products that can be
found in most venues. Our local and talented chefs make it worth going to the end of the road
to taste the Kitchen of Kalle’s Inn.

Many of our meals are based on local fish like, Baltic herring, whitefish, perch and salomon. On the meat side we concentrate on lamb, elk and rein deer. The area around Kalle’s Inn is one of the richest sea buckthorn berry areas in the world. Additionally blueberries and black chanterelle is commonly found and is therefore also important ingredients in our kitchen.

Additionally to our ala carte menus we do offer some special menus like the skargardsbord which is a very popular buffet of local specialties. Why not try our special Kota menu, with soup of black chanterelle as a starter, salmon grilled upon open fire in the kota as main course and a creme brule with cloud berries to round things up. Other alternatives depending on your taste would be a fondue in lighthouse or if the season allows a local specialty of traditional crayfish party.