The harsh and exiting nature around Kalle’s inn offer a splendid opportunity to enjoy some exiting activities, as well in doors as outdoors. The outdoor activities though depend a lot on the season. Please feel free to contact us regarding your wishes and needs and we will be happy to include some intriguing activities to your stay. Below we list some examples that might give you some inspiration:

A boat trip (may-September)
Boat trips around Kalle’s Inn are very popular. Often used routes are from Vasa to Kalle’s Inn. Another winner is a trip from Kalle’s Inn to Valsörarna this one is often combined with a walk in the untouched and stunning nature out on the Island that has a lot to offer. Please remember that you need to reserve at least 4 hours for these trips.

Fishing (all year)
Fishing has for centuries been the way to make your living out in Klobbskat with its clean waters. Kalle’s Inn is situated just 300 meters from the fishing harbor. If you are interested we can arrange for you to learn how professionals do there traditional fishing. If you prefer game fishing, why not try some pike fishing, it is a great fighter and we do have a lot of them (they are also called crocodiles around here). In the winter time ice fishing might be an interesting experience. We can provide you with all you need including guides.

An easy and flexible way of outdoor activities is just to go for a walk in the nature. Get a fresh breath of air, enjoy the company of your friends and colleagues. There are many options of tracks from 30 minutes to whole day. We can provide you with equipment needed and your guides.

Teambuilding & Playful games
Kalle’s Olympic games is a combination of different games played by teams wanting a diverse set of amusement and entertainment. It includes brain work, precision, teamwork and to a limited extent physical disciplines. The combination of the disciplines can be tailor-made for your needs both in regards to your available tome and what skillsets you want to put emphasis on. Treasure hunting using GPS and to find hidden treasures a play full game that might make you think out of the box. A playful competition within your team. On the Rocks is exiting. You might have tried a Whiskey on the rocks, but have you ever tried going in yourself: in, between, and through the ice of the frozen sea. Try it, you will love it. You will not get cold or even wet.

Shooting & precision games
We can arrange many different kind of playful precision games, anything from dart, petanque, Bow & arrows to air gun shooting range experiences. If you want more action then why not try Paintball at our paintball court. You will get some exercise and excitement on top. Additionally we do arrange precision ATW driving that could be combined with some racing, see below.

Racing & motoring
Depending on the season why can arrange match racing games either with snowmobiles or ATW, this is a playful, still interesting why to try these vehicles. The track is either on the ice just in front of Kalle’s Inn or at our special dedicated track area. We can also arrange safaris with either snowmobiles or ATWs, these activities are however very much depending on the weather conditions.

Winetasting can be a quite interesting and rewarding event that most of your guests will enjoy. Just give us a hint of what kind of wines or wine areas you are interested in and we will make you a proposition. Cognac tasting, we have had the privilege to find some very special Cognacs, the isle Cognacs. These cognacs are very different from what most of you have tried before. Why not get some new experinces after dessert.