Creme Vichysoisse surf´nturf
Delicious, classic potatoe-leek soup with smoked reindeer

Warm pheasant salad
Breast of pheasant braised in white wine on a bed of salad

Pulled Elk
Served with parsnip creme and blackberries

Funnel chantarelle soup
Traditional creamy mushroom soupe

Saffron-scented creamy salmon soup
Special saffron-scented, creamy salmon soup

Kalle´s fish plate
a selection of local Baltic herrings, marinated salmon and whitefish, perch chevice, pike roe,

Toast Panike
Marinated whitefish with herbs and smetana on dark bread

With whitefish roe from Kvarken, red onion and smetana

Soup on crayfish tail

With tomatoreduction

Honeymarinated chevre cheese toast with balsamico vineigreitte



Roasted fillet of reindeer
Served with a potatoe-apple gratin and cranberry sauce

Roasted fillet of elk
Pommes duchesses, grilled fennel and saue with blackcurrarnt

Lamb wellington
Fillet of lamb with salsa in puff pastry, potatoeterrine and av sherrygravy

Cider duck
Duck breast with a cidersauce and risotto with västerbotten cheese

Fast marinated and grilled salmon
with herby creamed potatoes,warm pea salad and orangesauce

Roasted whitefish
Served with herb potatoes, grilled aspargus and tarragon-butter sauce

Steamed perch
Steamed fillets of Kvarken Perch with vegetablies, herbs, butter and white wine. Served with Västerbotten cheese potatoe

BBQ Halumi cheese
Served on a bed of roasted vegetables



Creme brylee a’la Kalle
Classic dessert flavoured with sea buckthorn

Farmers cheese
Farmers cheese in cream seasoned with cinnamon, cloudberries

Glace au four
Icecream baked in meringue and berries

Catrine´s white chocolate pie
Served with fresh berries

Pear in amarettofoam